Permanent Residence

Michael Carlin, Attorney

Michael Carlin has over a decade of experience working with immigrants to help them to become lawful permanent residents and citizens of the United States.

U.S. Citizenship

Farah Al-khersan, Attorney

Farah Al-khersan’s passion for immigration law stems from her own experiences as an immigrant. Her family fled Iraq when she was young and moved to New Zealand before settling in the United States.

Immigration Court

Carly Black, Paralegal

Carly Black received a Bachelor’s in Spanish and International Studies with a focus on Comparative Culture and Identity. She studied in Chile and has traveled to Panama and Peru.

Federal Court Appeals

Gely McGovern, Administrative Assistant

Gely McGovern graduated from a law school in Mexico in 2001. She worked for a federal agency whose goal was to combat malpractice and corruption in Mexican federal agencies. She has resided in Michigan since 2013.