Humanitarian Parole Granted

I have a client for whom I was recently able to obtain humanitarian parole.  My client was living outside the United States.  Her parents obtained immigrant visas, which enabled them to enter the United States as permanent residents.  But she would need to wait many years before she would be eligible to obtain an immigrant visa.  She is a person with special needs, including a cognitive impairment, and she is not able to live by herself.  If we were not able to obtain a solution for her to enter the United States, then her parents would have remained with her, and they would not have been able to immigrate and become permanent residents.

We presented the application to USCIS, which granted Humanitarian Parole to my client.  She was able to enter the United States along with her parents.  Eventually, after a number of years, she will be able to apply for permanent resident (green card) status.

USCIS indicates that they grant about 25 percent of the applications they receive for Humanitarian Parole, and they deny the rest.  For this reason, if you believe that you or a family member might qualify for Humanitarian Parole, then it is advised that you work with an immigration attorney to have the best chance of success.

I would be happy to work with you to explore the possibilities for Humanitarian Parole.

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